News Headlines

Fyracle 0.8.11 released
4 Feb 2007

Fyracle 0.8.10 released
9 Dec 2005

Compiere 2.5.3a released
9 Dec 2005

Fyracle 0.8.9 released
22 Oct 2005

PHPServer 0.9 released
22 Sep 2005

Fyracle 0.8.8 released
30 Jun 2005

Fyracle 0.8.7 released
10 May 2005

Fyracle discussed on OSNews
4 May 2005

Fyracle 0.8.6 released
25 Mar 2005

Firebird 2.0 Alpha released
21 Mar 2005

Fyracle 0.8.5 released
14 Feb 2005

Firebird leads booming market
4 Feb 2005

Fyracle 0.8.4 released
1 Feb 2005

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Introducing Janus Software

Unix has built a strong reputation as the operating system of choice for data centres and academia. Linux, building on the Unix heritage, has become the cornerstone of network and Internet computing. Personal computing, through products like the MacOS and MS Windows, has been at the forefront of user friendliness and productivity, both for the developer and for the end-user. The time has come to combine the best of both traditions and to create a range of solutions that combine the stability and scaleability of the Unix world with the user friendliness and productivity of personal computing.

Janus Software is the leading distributor of the Firebird relational database and Firebird based business solutions, such as the Compiere ERP+CRM system.

Firebird RDBMS

firebird The Firebird SQL database combines enterprise class features with stellar performance and a small footprint. These features make Firebird the most popular open source database on the planet for use in enterprise settings.

Janus Software is the lead developer of Firebird's Oracle-mode, nick-named 'Fyracle'. Oracle-mode allows Firebird to run the Compiere ERP+CRM package. No other open source database can currently do this.

Compiere ERP+CRM

compiere Compiere is the leading open source ERP+CRM package. It is usually in the "Top-10 most active" list on SourceForge and has been downloaded over 700,000 times. It is in production use at hundreds of locations on all continents.

Compiere was designed to be easily configurable, even after production use has started. All choices made during the initial implementation phase can be changed later on. The Compiere+Fyracle stack can be up and running in a matter of minutes after downloading.

Phoenix Object Basic

phoenix Phoenix Object Basic enables MS Access and VB developers to leverage their skills in mixed Windows and Linux environments. With Phoenix Object Basic and Firebird, developers have the tools to quickly build business applications.